Support for Charities

How we work with charities

Holy Brook Associates is proud to tailor many of our services specifically for charities and not for profit organisations.

You can read about many of our services here.
We offer a free no-obligation discussion and 20% off our normal rates for charities that are members of Reading Voluntary Action or the Involve Advantage Scheme.

We also provide training courses for treasurers, other trustees and charity staff. We primarily do this through local voluntary action organisations, but we can also arrange to provide training in house or for a group of charities – get in touch if you want to discuss this.

Independent Examinations

Many charities require an independent examination. As well as being a legal requirement it’s a great opportunity to review your performance and get some outside input for your treasurer

We offer personal service, including a one to one meeting with your treasurer, internal finance professional or appropriate trustee to discuss the report and for charities that are members of Reading Voluntary Action or Involve we offer a specially discounted service starting at £250+VAT.

Need free help?

We would love to offer free personal help to every charity in Reading but as we receive no funding to do this we can only do this for our chosen charity, which is currently ASPIRE2, a charity that supports children in South Reading.

We do however produce a resource every month and have an archive of templates, tips and help sheets for our community. You can join this for free here.