10 tips for pricing during inflation

I’m not a fan of Black Friday (you can see why here), but one thing it has done this year is highlight the difficulty of pricing during high inflation. With general levels of inflation currently running around 10% this is an environment with higher inflation than many people have experienced. If you are working with … Read more

What do the fiscal changes mean for charities?

The new chancellor announced a large number of changes in his first ‘fiscal event’. Some of these will impact charities THe first change to come in will be the reverse of the increase in National Insurance rate from 6th November. Payroll providers and most software will be updated in time for November pay runs, but … Read more

Working from home payments

Over the last two years many people have been required to work from home. HMRC relaxed the rules around claiming the cost of this either via employers making an extra payment or an update to your tax code. Effectively, if you worked from home for a single ay during the 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 tax years … Read more

Donating to charity via your Company

If you are a small business owner who wants to donate to charity you may be wondering whether it’s best to do it via your company or as an individual. Generally speaking we consider it is more efficient to give via your company. However, there are some caveats: Why donate to charity via your company? … Read more

How to add an agent on your Gateway account

When you work with an accountancy practice you are likely to need them to submit returns on your behalf whether it is payroll, VAT or Corporation Tax. You should not share your Gateway log in with them and while adding them as a ‘team member’ is a work around we have seen it is not … Read more

Statutory sick pay update

The government has announced an update to statutory sick pay. Don’t miss out on reclaiming amounts your small business or charity may be entitled to. Background statutory sick pay If you run a small businesses or charities you may have had staff off sick more than usual over the last two years. The requirement to … Read more

Three pitfalls to avoid in your Christmas payroll

In the run up to Christmas the last thing you want is to cause your staff problems. It’s really important to get your Christmas payroll right. Staff running short in January Many employers chose to pay their staff early in December, but many people spend based on what they have in their bank account. This … Read more