Xero update – new invoicing screen

We’ve just been looking at some of the new features that Xero has added this quarter as there are quite a few updates.

One I particularly wanted to highlight is the improvements to invoicing, as a lot of our clients produce their own invoices even when they delegate a lot of the other bookkeeping to us.  The look and feel has been made more intuitive and – dare I say – fun.

You can also change the fields you need to enter when you create an invoice.  It means you can customise the way the invoice is produced to reflect the reality of your business.  For example if you a business that operates on a project basis you may not find the ‘quantity’ field helpful for you.  You can now remove this, and any other fields that aren’t relevant for you.

Another feature that is likely to be useful is the auto-saving of draft invoices which is great if you get interrupted when invoicing or if you internet drops out.

The third change that I particularly thought would be useful for our clients who are growing and taking on new customers is when you create a new contact while producing their invoice you can now add the key information likely to be needed to actually send the invoice – including email address, physical address and phone number.

Overall it’s well worth a try, you can always go back to the ‘classic’ view, but if you are a Xero user next time you are creating an invoice it is worth selecting the new view.


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