Why you should have a charity of the year

Holy Brook Associates have been working with a charity of the year since March.  We tried it as an experiment – after all we’re a small business and it’s normally associated with bigger companies.

At our associates meet up today we unanimously agreed we want to do it again.  For us having a charity of the year is not only about raising some money, it’s about using our skills, our network and our time to support them in improving what they do.

Here are some of the reasons

  1.  It means we have a focus for our charitable activity
  2. We can build our relationship with the charity over time to find more effective ways of helping them
  3. We can support and help them with building their network and use our connections to help them
  4. It helps us as well by building our network and reputation.
  5.  Our team have bonding by work together on a succesful and meaningful project
  6. It helps us achieve one of our key targets which is to make a difference to our local community

And of course it helps a special charity. If you are interested in working with us as our charity of the year or in some of the free resources we’re making available over the coming months for any charity do sign up here


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