Why I am doing an apprenticeship

Our junior bookkeeper, Samun Omer, has worked for us for just over 9 months now and is developing her skills through an AAT Apprenticeship program. 

Here she shares her perspective on the benefits of apprenticeships.

What is an apprenticeship?

  • A system of training a new generation of practitioners with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Most of their training is done while working for an employer.  The employer helps the apprentices learn their trade or profession.

Why choose to do an apprenticeship?

  • Saves you the cost of doing the course on your own
  • Its more hands on! you are implementing the skills at your workplace; it helps you understand the course material better
  • You have the support of your employer, if you are stuck on anything you could always ask them about it, they also give you time off to study for it
  • You are more focussed in your course because your employer is supporting you, so you work harder because you do not want to let them down
  • You tend to be more confidant at your workplace, because the knowledge you have attained from your course will help you understand your job better
  • Developing a new skill will influence the way you do things day to day and make you more efficient at your workplace
  • It’s good for your mind, because the white matter in your brain referred as myelin helps improve human performance in many tasks. Therefore, while you are learning new skills through your course, the myelin will become denser resulting in improvement of your brain performance.

Benefits for the Employer

  • The employee will be more productive and get more tasks done at work
  • The employee would have the recent knowledge and would implement that to improve services they provide in your company
  • You will build a better relationship with your employee because you are supporting them.  Your employee would be more passionate about their job and your company, they will work very hard to generate profits for your company
  • Recruiting new staff is very costly and time consuming because you must go through that process of hiring and then training them.  By having your employee under the apprenticeship program, your employee would stay committed and you can also grow your own.

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