Using your time off

Samun’s tips for time off

A lot of people are coming back to work this week after some time off, Holidays and weekends are usually considered as a time where we relax, disconnect and forget about what is going on at the office.  

1. Use your time wisely

However, work tends to follow us everywhere with the facilitation of the internet and other technological enhancements – not to mention the ‘non work’ work that we often have to do.  Therefore, here are a few tips from Samun Omer one of our bookkeeping team to balance your well-deserved holidays and weekends so that in 2020 you really can achieve well-being.

John F. Kennedy said “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” Time is one of the most valuable resources we have so we should use it wisely.  We must make an efficient and realistic plan.  Avoid being ambitious because it will create stress and ruin your holiday.  Make use of all the software and apps to help you organize yourself.  Consider spending 10 to 20 minuities towards planning your day ahead, this could be done first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed.

2. Live your holidays to the fullest

Organize your day in your holiday just like you organize your normal working day.  Just like you organise your work time, you should also make sure you spend time doing activities you love the most as well as catching up on ‘life admin’.  Why not think of your holiday as a date or meeting with yourself.  Have lots of time intervals where you could disconnect, relax and enjoy.

3. Define what your real priorities are

When planning how you will manage your personal time, so it’s crucial that you also consider the real importance of each task.  Before immersing yourself in any task, take a moment to ask yourself: “Is it really necessary that I do this now?”. Reactivity is a great skill, but rushing into things isn’t always beneficial. Taking a step back usually makes everything seem more manageable and will save you from feeling overwhelmed.