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At Holy Brook Associates, we recognise the importance of training, coaching, and skills development sessions that make a difference to your day to day actions and results.


Our trainers focus on delivering content that is both engaging within the training room environment and useful when participants return to their day job.


Our Trainers

Rachel Eden

Rachel is a trainer, speaker, and facilitator and has a wide range of expertise including leadership, communications, and media skills. As an experienced course designer, she has been training staff and volunteers since 2007. Rachel has been a councillor in Reading since 2010 and has served as both a cabinet member and committee chair.

Sarah Browning

Sarah is a strategic communications specialist, writer, trainer, and facilitator, with wide-ranging experience in the private, not-for-profit, and higher education sectors. Sarah trains and leads workshops in strategic communication skills as well as carrying out communications research and audits.

Malcolm Powers

Malcolm is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and mentor, specialising in strategy, communications, and stakeholder engagement. Previously, he was a councillor in Reading and a senior political party staffer with considerable experience of working with councillors both in power and in opposition.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Communications

Working with you to improve your communications by adopting a more planned, audience-focused approach.

Social Media

Using social media to support your brand and message; good practice avoiding pitfalls, creating interesting content and using social media as an engagement tool.

Stakeholder Engagement

Working with you to identify your stakeholders and develop strategies for effective engagement.

Training Role Holders

Working with you to identify your stakeholders and develop strategies for effective engagement.

Training with you in mind.

We can work with you on either an individual project or an ongoing basis, depending on what you need. We will match you to a team member with the best fit of skills and experience for your requirements and can bring in other members of the team as needed.


All courses are tailored to participants’ needs and we can also offer a bespoke service if you have specific or complex requirements.

Event Facilitation

Our trainers are also skilled facilitators and can work with you to provide this type of support for your events. From discussion workshops to co-creation sessions, from policy events to open forums, we can be the professional chair or facilitator you need to ensure your attendees are engaged and participating fully.


Contact our Co-ordinating Director, Rachel Eden, for an exploratory conversation of how we can help you with training and events.