Staying active at work

Many people start January with great intentions about activity but it’s also a busy time at work, including for bookkeepers and accountants as personal tax returns become due. At our recent team meeting Samun Omer one of our bookkeeping team taught us some useful exercises and activities we can do in the office. Here’s a summary of what she shared:

The Problem

It is found that a desk job can increase a risk of heart disease, it has also been linked to other health problems like blood pressure, depression, diabetes and obesity.  Research also shows that repetitive motion, poor posture and staying in the same position create or worsen musculoskeletal disorders.  Prolonged sitting can impair the body’s ability to deposit fat.  Sitting is slowly killing us. Today an adult spends between 50% to 70% of their time sitting. If we roughly start adding up the total amount of hours we spend sitting  at a desk job, driving a car, eating and watching TV, many of us sit up to 15 hours a day.

The Solution

Fortunately, scientific research is discovering ways to avoid the negative effects of sitting. It is recommended that we get up and move at least once every hour.  We must also dedicate at least 30 mins to moderate exercise every day.  DESKERCISE is considered one of the solutions to your problem because it offers options of physical activity right at your desk. 


Increase Productivity at Work– There is often stress involved in a desk job, and at times we tend to spend our time thinking and worrying about the problems.  Worrying and getting tensed about the situation won’t do good, it will worsen the situation and waste your precious time.  Deskercise is an option to consider at a time like this because it can help release endorphins that are the feel-good hormones.  A relaxed mind will help you resolve the problem and increase your productivity at work.

Help Boost Your Confidence- For many of us our appearance has a great impact on our confidence.   Too much sitting leads to increased weight gain and probably obesity.  Deskerise can help you fight that because it facilitates in weight loss and keeping your body in shape.  A good figure will help improve your overall appearance and increase confidence at the workplace.

Help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp- Any kind of exercise in particular stimulates your body to release proteins and other chemicals that improve the structure and function of your brain.  You will make better decisions and your work will benefit the company you are working for.


In order to develop a habit, it is recommended to do something for 21 days.  Therefore, deskercise could be done for 21 days and then you will realise that your body will be immune to the procedure of physical activity.

The Exercises

Desk Dips– Position yourself on the very edge of your desk with your palms placed on either side of you and your feet flat on the floor. Bend at the elbow and lower yourself towards the floor until your elbows are bent at 90 degrees, aim to hold the pose for 30 seconds

Good For: Triceps    Calorie Burn: 20 Calories in 5 Minutes

Leg Raises– Under your desk, simply raise both legs at once upwards, and slowly lower them down. Repeat this action over multiple times

Good For: Thighs and Quads Calorie Burn:70 Calories in 10 Minutes

Calf Raises– Using a sturdy object for support, stand on your tip toes and hold the pose for 15 seconds to strengthen the backs of your

Good For: Shoulder, Calves and Legs Calorie Burn:34 calories in 10 minutes

Seated Torso Crunch-Sitting on the very edge of a non-moving seat, hold on to the sides of the chair and pull your knees together while raising your legs towards the ceiling. Repeat this action multiple times.

Good For: Torso Calorie Burn: 30 calories in 1 minute

Chair Squats-Using a non-moving chair perch on the edge of the seat and slowly stand up with your arms by your sides. Lower yourself until you gently touch the chair and then stand back up, remembering to breathe. Repeat. For extra points, hover just over the chair for 30 seconds.

Good For: Lower Back Calorie Burn:20 calories in 1 minute

Other Options

 If you don’t have time for any of these exercises, you could still choose to be active by considering the following options:

  • Using the Stairs
  • Cycling or Walking to Work
  • Stand up and do your work, rather than using a chair

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