How can Small Businesses support charities?

It’s that time of the year again where Holy Brook Associates will be choosing a charity to work with for the next financial year.

Right now a lot of businesses are just trying to survive and we are also facing challenges but once that’s past one thing is clear: we will all need to pull together as a community.

Holy Brook has always closely worked with charities because some of our clients are charities and some of our team have also previously worked for charity but we have chosen a partner charities to focus on each year too. 

So why get involved with charitable activities at all?

One big reason is that helping others and showing solidarity is actually pleasurable and we believe measure our success as a company in being satisfied in our work and lives.

Secondly it helps our community well-being and we believe that the well-being of our community is essential to us because we are also a part of it. 

Thirdly we find it improves our team’s morale and that engagement in turn benefits Holy Brook.  Of course there are many more advantages including an improved public image that may benefit businesses that work with charities. 

However, one challenge that we have always found is that there are many deserving charities out there that need our support and even at the best of times small businesses have limited resources.   In fact when we were starting up a few years ago we didn’t have much cash available but by offering our services and help with fundraising we were still able to help a wonderful charity, Trust House Reading.  As our business has grown, we have been able to start making cash donations directly, for example to mark special occasions or Christmas. 

Why focus on one charity?

We have found that by having a charity of the year we can focus our time and money on one charity and after a period of time we can move on to help another charity. 

This method is fair, while still allowing charities to attain your financial and professional support.   We also offer a discounted rate to other charities for our professional support – giving us a chance to work with many other charities.

Ultimately our team at Holy Brook is involved in charitable and community activities because we want to thank our community for giving us the opportunity to thrive, but there are plenty of other good reasons to do it too.

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