Seasonal reflections

As we come towards the close of 2017 I think always feel that the Christmas period is a good time to reflect and reconnect.

Holy Brook Associates will be closed for Christmas from today (22nd December) until 2nd January, and we’ll all be taking time out to spend it with family, friends.

I also use Christmas as a prompt to reflect on the year that is ending and to think ahead to the next year.  Having started to do that for this year I’ve realised how privileged I have been to work with some amazing people, including the Holy Brook team and our clients.

There have been some real challenges but a lesson that has been reinforced to me is that by finding people to collaborate and cooperate with you can make an even bigger difference.

It is also a time when I think we all think about people who may not have all the privileges that as we do.  This year we didn’t send Christmas cards from Holy Brook Associates and instead made a seasonal donation to ABC to Read, a charity local to us that helps children who need extra support with their reading.

I’m also planning ahead for next year – both as we continue to grow and support more clients through Holy Brook and some pro-bono work.  In the second week of January I’m meeting up with some wonderful people who want to mark Dying Matters week 2018 and to celebrate V100 in Reading – 100 years since the first women in the UK got the vote.  Which leads me back to reflection and perspective:  the importance of a good life lived and remembering loved ones who are no longer with us this Christmas, and the progress that we have made in creating a better world over the last century are easy to forget in the bustle of every day life but so important to keep in mind.

What are you reflecting on this Christmas?