Meet the team: Mark Mason

Connect TVT stock interiors and education event, comm by Louize Clark at GrowWe’re running a short series of interviews about our team members to help you get to know us better.  Here is more about Mark Mason

  1. What do you do?

I’m a ‘Creative Juicer’ an enabler and a facilitator who uses design thinking methodology to engage others, allowing them to be more creative themselves. I enjoy running workshops and guide organisations through the design process, supporting them in solving the challenges they face. Post-It Notes and Sharpie pens are my tools of choice and I welcome a good brainstorming session. I take great satisfaction from seeing individuals and organisations move forward (Holy Brook word of the year) based on interventions that I have delivered.

  1. Why are you a Holy Brook Associate?

Just over two years ago Rachel asked me if I would like to chair some meetings for one of her bigger clients at the time. I said yes and the relationship was formed from there. I relish working as a team and I’m looking forward to some of the initiatives we are going to collectively deliver this year.

  1. What do you like most about working/living in and around Reading?

I’ve been working in the area for over 25 years and moved to Arborfield, near Wokingham, just over 14 years ago. For the last three years I’ve been working more centrally in Reading and love the people, the communities, the culture and the history that Reading has…and not many people know about! I’m also an avid Reading FC supporter, having switched my allegiances from Arsenal to my ‘local’ team and enjoy watching games with family and friends.

  1. Who or what would be your ideal client or project?

My passion is working with and inspiring the next generation and I welcome the opportunity to work with organisations who share the same beliefs and values.

  1. What are your favourite things to do outside working with Holy Brook?

So, you already know I like football, well I also help coach my son’s U15 team. We play like Barcelona in our heads and like Reading in reality (especially this season – for both teams) and we always have a great deal of fun! I’m really into walking too and have a misty eyed obsession with the Lake District in Cumbria, having notched up many miles and ‘bagged’ most of the tallest peaks.

The one thing Reading doesn’t have is mountains, but it does have some very good countryside to enjoy. A little known secret is that I also like flying kites, big ones (known as traction kites) that drag you along and can lift you off the ground. My thinking is that a session in a good wind with a big kite beats any workout down the gym…and is a lot cheaper 😉