Do you have a word of the year?

At Holy Brook we pick a word of the year. Many people make new years resolutions, others feel that ‘new year’ is an arbitrary moment and that it is worth leaving it to when the mood takes us, but we feel choosing a word or two helps us focus.

Usually we also have a January planning and goal setting session (see the picture above) but this year we decided to delay that for a while with the hope we can do it face to face soon.

Instead each of the team has chosen a word that they think will resonate with them this year. Here’s what some of us came up with.

A couple of years ago we had a very popular blog post on 5 alternatives to new year’s resolutions and one we’ve kept going with is to have a word of the year.


I wanted a word that was solid and reflected my desire to go steady but to continue to create and grow.

Im also thinking in quarters, from now till March I’m thinking about FOUNDATIONS. This is about clear the way in the our work to set the systems in place for an amazing year: we need a solid approach to ensure we are able to continue to support our clients well while getting ready to stretch and develop later in the year. – Rachel


I hope that 2021 puts an end to the crisis the whole world has been going throughSamun


Watch this space for my Project Amplify KindnessSarah


It is absolutely crucial that the recovery from COVID enables the world to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by no later than 2050. As an individual I am going to examine my personal carbon footprint to minimise my impact as well as continuing to do what I can to put pressure on Government.Malcolm


The world is changing, and the ways we work might need to change to meet the new business reality. – Kate


So many things are changing this year that I think it is important to throw out any preconceptions and be open minded and curious about all possibilities. – Sheila


No further comment needed after 2020 Sabina

And a final point from one of the team “I’ve got to be honest – I think SEE-SAW is also going to be a word for 2021…”

What next

It would be great to know your word of the year – drop us a line or reply on social media to let us know

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