Communications and Campaigns Planner

Are you a councillor who wants to communicate and campaign effectively or a local government officer who wants to keep on top of communicating with your community?

Would you like to save time and combine planning ahead with responding effectively to changes in your community?

A new communication and campaigning planner

Our Council Communication and Campaigns planner will help you stay on top of your communication and plan your messages from May 2021 to May 2022.

Be the first to hear about how you can get hold of our May 2021-May 2022 Communication and Campaigns planner.

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Why have we launched this?

“We know councillors are busy people who are trying to serve their communities while often holding down a day job and or have families. We also know the the challenges that local government faces. 

As a councillor who has years of training experience and a former councillor who has trained and supported local government politicians for decades, we have both developed systems and methods to help us communicate well with communities. We know the importance of being able to combine planning ahead and the need to be flexible.

We have trained hundreds of people involved in local government communication and social media.

We’ve brought together our expertise to share our proven approach.  We know this can work for councillors from any walk of life and any council role.”

– Malcolm Powers and Rachel Eden.

Register your interest now by emailing You’ll be eligible for the pre-order price of £25+VAT and to receive a BONUS electronic spreadsheet showing key dates for the year.