Could you be our new charity of the year?

We have been working with lovely local charity Aspire 2 for the last 2 years. In the last 12 months we have offered them help with financial management, we facilitated an away day for them as well as raising over £500 in cash.

In the current circumstances we’re working from home and we have a number of resilience actions in place, but we are still keen to look to the future and so we are going to do what we had planned and look for our next charity partner.

Why this might not be for you

We are now ready to look for our next charity partner. We’re a small team, but we do aim to make a genuine difference to the charity we support. If you are interested in a big corporate who will simply hand you a cheque at the end of twelve months this isn’t for you.

Nor is it for you if you aren’t really sure what you would like from working with a small business.

However if you are looking for a committed team of lovely people (in our own opinions at least!) who are willing to help you with their expertise and get stuck into some fundraising for you we might just be for you.

How we chose our charity

We will chose our charity following a collaborative discussion and agreement between the team (we do vote if necessary!) based on the following criteria

  • How your mission and activities fit with ours
  • How you benefit the community in the Reading area
  • How well we believe we will be able to support you
  • Your planned use of the funds and pro bono work we can offer you
  • Your ideas for how we can collaborate with you and support you

What we offer our charity

Holy Brook Associates will offer the chosen charity:

  • pro bono work based on a needs-based consultation with our coordinating director (Rachel Eden)
  • support events that your charity organises
  • Join in your fundraising activities
  • Organise fundraising of our own for you
  • Raise awareness of your charity with our contacts and community links.

If you would like a copy of the short application form please email
We will be chosing our new charity following the Easter bank holiday so please return the form by 21st April

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