Celebrating Holy Brook’s all female Finance Team

As the team was discussing International Women’s Day we realised we’re an all female finance team. Here, Samun reflects on some of the benefits of this (opinions are her own!)

“It’s International Women’s day on the 8th of March.  Just a brief a history about National Women’s day, this day was proposed by German revolutionary Clara Zetkin at the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference.  It is fascinating to see how women have achieved over the past decades.

Holy Brook is surprisingly a Bookkeeping and Accountancy practice that consists of only female employees.  To honour International Women’s Day, I thought about why there are some benefits women bring to the workforce.

The first benefit is Multitasking, women are quite good at multi-tasking because apart from work, they have other responsibilities. At Holy Book we are able to manage many clients at a go because we are bookkeepers at work but at home we are partners, mums, carers, cleaners and cooks.  Most of us work part-time because we have other obligations.  Holy Brook also recently organised a cake sale each year where we voluntarily provided homemade food rather than shop bought food in the sale.  It was not only a charity event but also an opportunity for staff at Holy Brook to showcase their culinary skills to the public. 

The second benefit we find as women in the workplace is that we have strong team spirit and feeling of togetherness.  At Holy Brook we all work as a team, and our leader makes us feel that our effort and contribution has been valued, in our weekly catch-up she shares positive feedback we’ve had and we give each other “kudos” for contribution. 

The third benefit of having women at the workplace is that they can deal with tough situations with a smile.   At Holy Brook we try to get everything done before hand to avoid tension, we try to communicate with our clients on a regular basis to keep their bookkeeping up to date.  Our staff always try to smiling and be friendly with our clients. 

Women can bring a mind-blowing managing skill. From handling board meetings, teaching kids, taking care of the family to cooking, they can do every task with much ease.  Ever since women have entered the workforce, they have bought significant and positive changes, I am proud to work for Holy Brook that supports women in the workforce.” Samun Omer

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