Events of the last week

We don’t work in a bubble and one week on from the US presidential election Karen Morton gives her take on her reaction to the social and political environment we’re in.   This is her personal view.  On Saturday afternoon I found myself facing huge piles of fabric to sort, fold and pack away – part … Read more

How do we champion STE(A)M?

  Following recent events, the future of our next generation is even more uncertain and the opportunity to plug the ever-widening digital skills gap, with young hungry talent, is becoming increasingly challenging.   In the UK we have traditionally been known as a creative nation, one that prides itself in its ability to develop innovation … Read more

Do you want the strategy or the comms strategy?

Several of us at Holy Brook find that a client often starts by working with us in one area and ends by needing support in a different area – which is one of the reasons our team with complementary skills love working together.  Here Sarah explores a common issue facing communications professionals: I and many … Read more

The missing message in change

Change. There’s a lot of it about. Some of it good. Some of it not-so-good. Some of it just plain baffling. And lots of it – in my experience anyway – badly communicated. There are, of course, fantastic examples of change communication, where everyone who is affected feels informed and engaged. They understand what is … Read more

The Archers

The Archers has been an occasional relaxation over the years. I tend not to seek it out, but if it’s on when I’m driving, I listen and enjoy it. Until the story of Helen and Rob.  Having worked with many survivors of domestic violence I heard a chilling familiarity when Rob suggested to Helen that … Read more