Bavi’s Summer Internship

My name is Bavi and I am an Accounting and Finance Graduate from the University of Reading. This summer, I undertook a 6-week summer internship at Holy Brook Associates as an Accounts Admin Intern.

Initial Expectations

Coming into this internship with zero training in accountancy software, I knew this internship will be challenging and demanding but equally rewarding. I looked forward to the personal and professional growth that I could gain from this internship.

Overview of the internship

Here is an overview of what I did throughout my internship:

  • Became Xero advisor certified
  • With support from more senior members of the team I assisted with year-end checks and reviews, reviewed VAT returns, bookkeeping tasks and helped to produce reports for our clients
  • Reviewed Holy Brook’s compliance and GDPR annual check up
  • Wrote blog posts
  • Reviewed how sustainable the business is
  • Assisted Rachel with preparing year end reports from manual ledger accounts
  • Attended meetings with future potential clients

What skills did I develop/gain from this internship?

  • Gained a deeper insight of what it means to be working in the professional world
  • Increased my confidence in speaking up in team meetings and asking for help
  • Understood the importance of and how to build meaningful professional connections with colleagues and clients
  • Developed my technical skills: gained hands-on experience in recording financial transactions and reconciling accounts
  • Improved my written and verbal communication skills when discussing financial information with other team members and clients
  • Understood the importance of adhering to accounting standards and regulations

Key Takeaway/ Advice for future interns

“Never be afraid to ask for help”

Rather than being afraid of asking for help, you should be afraid of never knowing forever.

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to ask questions at Holy Brook Associates. Not knowing something is welcomed and seen as a learning opportunity by everyone here.

Why is it beneficial for companies to hire interns?

  • Gain a fresh perspective on the company’s strategies and decision-making processes to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Experienced staff can take on mentoring roles which creates a supportive work environment
  • Build your corporate social responsibility: invest in the professional development of individuals with little/no experience

Future Plans

My journey with Holy Brook Associates is not over! I am thrilled to let you know that I will be continuing to work as an Accounts Admin Intern part time.

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