How to make your clients feel valued

As a small business, the importance of adding a ‘personal touch’ to your services or product is something that may be on your mind. You want to stand out from the crowd, and ensure that your clients keep coming back to you rather than going to your competitors. There are misconceptions that adding this value … Read more

Should I become a limited company?

You may have started up your business as a sole trader and not given it much thought to whether you should become a limited company. As your business develops you may find people advise you to change this. Ultimate you need to decide for yourself what’s right for you. Here are some thoughts to help … Read more

How to attract the right customer

Attracting and retaining customers is an issue for many small businesses and sole traders. Each client is important, and increasing clients is important to grow your business. However, you would have probably had first hand experience in realising that there are many different types of customers, some you like working with and some that makes … Read more

Reclaiming VAT

Once you are registered as a VAT business, you’re able to claim back the VAT on goods and services you have purchased for use in your business. This is something that we commonly find that our clients make mistakes with what they can reclaim and what they can’t. Use this blog as either a quick … Read more

Meet the team: Claire Brown

We’re running a short series of interviews about our team members to help you get to know us better.  Here is more about Claire Brown 1. What do you do? I’m the Assistant Coordinator at Holybrook and provide organisational support to the team. I am currently working on composing a Staff Handbook and helping to … Read more

Meet the team: Nicky Gentle

We’re running a short series of interviews about our team members to help you get to know us better.  Here is more about Nicky Gentle 1. What do you do? I am a bookkeeper and provide accounts support. I specialise in Quickbooks both online and desk top. I work with a number of limited companies … Read more

The relationship between ethics and profits

What does being an ethical business mean? In the modern day, the word ‘ethics’ is thrown around constantly. An ethical business can be defined as one that behaves with morals and acts in the best interests of its stakeholders. However, the question poses, does social corporate responsibility have to be compromised to maximise profits? Business … Read more

Playing Catch

As a communications specialist and trainer, I regularly have cause to explain my playing catch analogy for effective communication. Every time I talk about it, I see people around the room nodding their heads and hear the scribbling of pencils as they make notes to remind themselves. It is a cornerstone of my beliefs about … Read more