A Day at the Festival of Workplace Wellness

On Friday 8th November, 3 members of staff from Holy Brook attended the Festival of Workplace Wellness: Better You – Better Business at Green Park Conference Centre.

It was a well turned out event that has taken 4 years to plan and was packed full of bitesize workshops, activities and classes all with the aim of finding creative ways to improve your own health and wellbeing and that of your staff.

The workshops included talks on healthy eating and creating healthy workspaces, mental health at work, desktop exercises, getting into good sleeping habits, drinking water and limiting screen time, amongst others.

There were short bursts of exercise classes to try in the Challenge Yourself section including yoga, pilates, ballroom dancing and singing as well as the opportunity to try out some electric bicycles.

If you were lucky enough to get booked in early enough for Treat Yourself, you could experience some Reiki healing, a seated massage, mobile spa, acupuncture and Kinesiology.

For the creatives there were options of creating floral displays and Christmas decorations and in Find Yourself there was a talk on Mental Health and Meditation, a coaching session on work life balance and a talk on healthy mind, healthy body. Plus, there was an introduction to pranic healing practise: using gentle exercise and breathing techniques to help your body manage stress and anxiety.

And if all that was too much there was a chill out room where you could go and switch off.

There was so much to do and see but barely enough time to try it all.  However, I did get to try some yoga, a coaching session, pranic healing techniques, switching off from technology and meditation.  We are living in a fast-moving age where we have access to everything 24-7.  While this has many advantages it also has many disadvantages and the day reminded me it’s important for our health and wellbeing that we don’t burn out.  It’s important to take time out.  Go for a walk, try some meditation or something creative.

I would highly recommend pranic healing.  We did some gentle exercises to clear our energy channels from head down.  We then did some meditation which was very relaxing.  I now use this if I’m feeling overwhelmed as it helps to clear my mind and refocus.

Workplace wellbeing tips from the team at Holy Brook, inspired by Better You – Better Business

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