Changes to the VAT flat rate scheme

The flat rate scheme is changing, which will affect many small businesses on turnovers of less than £230,000.  Here Rachel Eden, our coordinating director, discusses what this might mean and what you should do if your business if affected. If you’re a small business registered on the flat rate scheme you’re likely to have had … Read more

Letting a challenge change you

Promoting yourself for an award is outside a lot of people’s comfort zone.  Here Lyndsay Henderson reflects on what she’s learnt about challenging yourself since being nominated in the Venus Awards: I’m very excited to be a semi-finalist for Reading Chronicle Business Mother of the Year in the 2017 Thames Valley in the NatWest Venus Awards … Read more

Lyndsay Henderson and Rachel Eden semi-finalists in Venus Awards

We’re really proud to say that Lyndsay Henderson and Rachel Eden are semi-finalists in the Venus Awards Thames Valley. Rachel is in the Entreprenuer of the year category, which is judged while Lyndsay is in the Business Mother of the year category, which will be a public vote.   She’s recorded a video about this here: [youtube]

Charity of the year applications open

We have really enjoyed working with Trust House Reading this year and we’re hoping to continue our positive relationship with them. Having a charity of the year is something we’d recommend to other small businesses. However, we’ve always said that we would try to work with one local charity each year and as such we’re inviting … Read more

Five changes you can make to get the most out of your budget

Rachel is the Coordinator of Holy Brook Associates and a fan of planning ahead and budgeting.  Here she suggests 5 actions you can take now to get the most out of budgeting. Many organisations will currently be setting or have just agreed their budget for the next year. It’s a lot of work for everyone … Read more